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Custom Graduation Cover Options

4 Reasons you Should Choose a Custom Diploma Cover

Foster Gordon of Long Island, New York, has been creating custom diploma covers for over 48 years. We take pride in creating the best diploma covers for elementary, high school, middle school and college graduates. We provide custom and stock diploma covers to schools as well as individuals. Many grade schools provide a cover with your diploma however once you get to college it’s usually your job to cover this special achievement.
Graduation Diploma for Elementary School


Custom Diploma Covers add a Personal Touch:

When you order our custom cover we offer many options such as color, ribbon and design. Our custom diploma covers are foam-padded and made right here in the USA. We can add your schools logo or if you send us a picture we can add a custom etching. Some of our clients have their initials etched while others just put their schools logo stamped in gold or silver foil.


Diploma Covers Last a Lifetime:

Our covers are made from the best quality in order to last for years to come. Diplomas are an achievement symbolizing hard-work and intelligence. We understand diploma covers are used to safeguard materials and typically last forever. Once your diploma is covered you can display the work of art or store it away for safety.


The Price is Worth it:

Foster Gordon’s covers are worth every penny. All of our diploma covers are manufactured in New York using only the highest grade materials. Every detail is considered when crafting your cover including the embossing, foil stamping and sheet protectors. If your looking for a more affordable option we also craft stock diploma covers.


Custom Covers Allow your Diploma to Stick Out:

If your displaying this cover for everyone to see, you’ll definitely want it to look nice. Our covers quality speaks for itself by it’s color, material and design. Usually these covers are stored in a place where guests, friends and family members can see when they visit your home or place of business. If you plan to showcase this achievement you’ll want a cover thats noticeable and sturdy.


Cherish Your Academic Accomplishments

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Stock Graduation Diploma Cover - Navy