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8 Tips For Getting Hired After College

Before your graduation certificate even makes it into a diploma cover (hopefully made by Foster Gordon), you should be preparing for job interviews! At Foster-Gordon, a custom Manufacturing Company of Long Island, New York, we’ve created a list of tips to help you score a job straight out of college.


1. Communicate with your Career Services Office

If you haven’t already made friendly with the career office staff now is the time to do so. The office will supply you with helpful tips and guide in the next step for meeting your career goals. Not only should you make friends with the staff, you need to go further and make an appointment with a counselor. Career counselors can help coach you for interviews and polish your resume.


2. Triple Check your Resume:

Finding a job isn’t always the easiest task, having a polished resume can help you stand out. Today’s job market makes competition at an all time high, if you have one grammatical error your resume is most likely getting tossed. Since graduates resumes tend to have the least amount of experience you have to get creative. The type of job or field your applying for will determine your level of creativity. Being creative could mean writing specific content to draw the reader in or a small subtle design that will make your resume stand out. Delivery is key it must be clear, honest and straight to the point.


3. Organize your References:

Having strong references, can make a huge difference when applying for a job. If your not sure who qualifies as a reference, the best people to include are past employers, professors and internships managers. Also if you use someone for a reference it’s a good idea to let them know. If by chance your not sure if the reference will be positive, it’s best to skip that person.


4. Dress the Part:

Looking the part is so crucial when interviewing. If you’ve scored an interview it’s time to do some research. If you can figure out how people dress in the potential job your interviewing for, you’re ahead of the game. People want to hire people they can relate to and get a long with(yes includes dressing the same.) Also avoid flashy jewelry and distracting accessories, you want the interviewers focus to be on your at all times. Forbes published a great article here, on how to dress for your next interview.


5. Follow Up:

This is one of the most important steps you must take after an interview. A simple interview letting the person how great it was to meet them is good if you want to be better send them a personalized letter.


6. Find a Mentor:

Mentors can help pave the way to reaching a successful and rewarding career. Mentors help the best because they’ve been their before. Selecting a mentor who works in your desired field, or years of past experience is the only type you should have.


7. Never get discouraged:

There’s always another job if you don’t get the one you wanted. If a potential job doesn’t come through, dust yourself off and keep trying. Interviewing is an art and the more you interview the more confident you’ll become.


8. Utilize Social Media:

First rule make sure all of your social media accounts are rated “PG,” you’d be upset if you didn’t get hired from a job because of what you share via social media. Before you post always keep in mind who your possible audience could be. Next use tools such as LinkedIn to network with others and seek out potential job openings. There’s so many networking sites, looking to hire intelligent and motivated students just like you. Graduating with your diploma? Check out our post on what steps you should take next.

Follow these steps and you’re sure to land a new job. Just think, today you’re prepping yourself for an interview, tomorrow your receiving the employee of the month award, wrapped in Foster Gordon’s Presentation Folder. Yes this is very optimistic thinking, but it’s definitely possible!