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Custom Appreciation Covers

Give Special Thanks with Custom Appreciation Covers


No matter what the reason for giving thanks, a custom appreciation cover is a great way to show someone how much you care. At Foster-Gordon, a Custom Manufacturing Company of Long Island, New York, we specialize in creating custom appreciation covers made from the best quality materials.


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The Reasons for Showing Appreciation are Countless


Appreciation Covers Example

Whether your celebrating your 10th Wedding Anniversary, or just sending someone a kind gesture, our appreciation covers are the perfect gift that will last a lifetime. A great idea for an anniversary gift, could be pulling your old marriage certificate out of the closet and having it wrapped. By wrapping your marriage certificate in our covers your helping preserve the paper and honor your love. There’s something romantic, about taking something old and dressing it up to look like new. By covering this document of marriage or appreciation, you’re celebrating the past and honoring the future. We all have certificates of some sort lying around the house, collecting dust, or tucked away in a filing cabinet. Bring this honor back to life, by putting it in an appreciation cover and placing it somewhere for everyone to see.


Appreciation Cover Options



When designing your custom appreciation cover, you have three position options. You may choose to have the cover sit as a top fold, panoramic or book style. There are two choices for material which are either smooth or grain. The inside of the cover will depend on the amount of certificates you choose to include(you can choose either one or two certificates). Also the cover can be lined with paper, silk or one of each. Our corner ribbons will secure your certificate in place and are available in multiple colors. Most orders include ribbon colors which match the outside, but if you’d like to be more creative we’re all for it.
Your next set choice of design is stamping, these options include stamping the logo, special lettering or just leaving it blank. The last design option is the foil color, which is available in silver or gold.


Additional Options

If your looking for any additional add-ons, we offer acetate sheet protectors which safeguard the certificate and preserve the quality. We can also etch pictures or artwork onto your custom appreciation cover, if you’d like this option you must provide artwork in the order form. Feel free to contact us for any other questions you may have regarding our appreciation covers.


Appreciation Cover Craftsmanship:

Our appreciation covers are 100% American made, just like all of our products at Foster Gordon of Long Island. Choosing American made custom covers, ensures the products will last for years to come. Quality speaks for itself, your appreciation covers should reflect the hard work, dedication and gratitude, lying within the certificate or message of thanks.