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Custom Certificate Covers at Foster Gordon

Foster Gordon of Bohemia, Long Island, understands the significance of your certificates and the special meaning they hold. The meaning behind these certificates or documents goes far beyond paper and we take this into consideration, when crafting your custom made recognition folders.



What makes a moment special? The answers will vary by person. Although what’s special for one person differs for the other, occasions such as weddings tend to be universally special. These moments usually include ceremonies, awards, speeches and certificates of recognition. When you receive special documents, they deserve to be preserved and treasured for their importance. Foster Gordon creates custom certificate covers for your special keepsakes. Our certificate covers can be designed however you’d like, you have the freedom to be as simple or creative, as you prefer.


Certificates Worthy of Custom Covers

  • Marriage Certificates
  • Birth Certificates
  • Pet Registration Documents
  • Citizenship/Naturalization Papers
  • Training Completion
  • Informal Awards


The variety of documents we can have professionally covered for you at Foster Gordon in Long Island, New York, are endless. If you don’t see the document listed above you can fill out a form to create a custom special moments cover or contact us for more information.

All of our custom covers are available with plenty of options to create a cover that aligns with the event or matches your personal style. Some of our custom options include the amount of ribbons, depending on if you have one or two certificates inside the cover. We also offer two options for lining your covers which include either paper or silk.


Additional Certificate Cover Options:

  • Custom Etchings
  • Acetate Sheet Protectors
  • Envelopes


The best part about our special moments custom recognition covers is they protect your certificates and keep them looking like new. Preserve your certificate or award now by filling out the order form below.


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