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Custom Graduation Cover Options

The Things We’re Often Asked: Diploma Cover FAQs

So, you want to know about diploma covers?

Graduation is a trying time for everyone. Students, teachers, parents, families, and even administrators, too. A lot of work goes into a graduation, on all sides, and the amount of information available across the internet can seem daunting, even overwhelming. We are asked all of the time some great questions that we wanted to share with you, whether you’re an educator or the educated, to alleviate some of the stress associated with graduation- more specifically, the ordering of graduation diploma covers.

Diploma Covers

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Diploma Cover FAQs

  1. How long does it take to ship your diploma covers?
    Orders are typically processed the day they’re received, and after reviewing any custom options you may have selected, we’ll begin manufacturing them as soon as possible. If you order one of our stock covers, shipping occurs within two days!
  2. If I opt to go custom, what colors are available to me?
    Our custom diploma covers come in a wide range of colors, chosen to pair with the most popular school covers. Available in almost every color from purple to kelly green, our diploma covers are designed to fit with any school’s heraldry.
  3. I went to homeschool, can I order just one custom cover?
    Our custom covers are available in bulk orders. At Foster Gordon Manufacturing Corporation, for individual orders we offer our high quality Stock Covers!
  4. Are there different cover orientations available?
    Yes. Our covers are available in three different orientations- a top fold, a panoramic fold, and a book style fold– which can be selected based on the kind of diploma you’ll hand out.
  5. So I’ve ordered diploma covers, what are my options for presenting other awards of notoriety?
    In addition to diploma covers, we also offer a number of options for recognition. Foam-padded and USA made just like our diploma covers, they’re a great way to present honors awards or scholarships at your commencement ceremony.

Have a question for us?

We are always willing to field your questions regarding any of our diploma covers, so don’t hesitate to ask us a question regarding our services! Visit our contact page to fill out a form and begin your process! Talk to you soon!