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Diplomas Vs. Degrees

group of college graduates and professor

When discussing diplomas or degrees, typically people consider them to be exactly the same. Although both require hard work and completion of academic requirements, there are major differences. Foster Gordon, Long Island’s premier manufacturers of diploma covers, explains the difference.



Diplomas are generally focused on learning a specific trade or job. When pursuing a diploma you focus on learning exactly what to do for a specific job title. Also diploma programs tend to include apprenticeships where they receive hands on training for their specific job. After graduating high school you receive a diploma, however when you graduate a community college or university you’ll receive a degree. Programs that provide you with a diploma are typically shorter and designed to get you into the career field sooner. Nursing is a career you can reach by receiving either a program or a degree.



A degree is awarded through a university and the scope of learning is much larger.When attending college you must choose a major which will be the main focus of your educational studies. For example if your working on a degree in advertising you’ll also learn other subjects such as math, english and science. Degree programs are separated by amount of years you complete. Choosing to graduate with a degree can be more beneficial if you believe you may want to later switch careers. Some careers may not hire you out of your field with a diploma but are more likely to hire you with a degree even if it’s unrelated.


Different Degree Levels

  • Associates: 2 years
  • Bachelors: 4 years
  • Masters: 2 additional years beyond a Bachelors degree
  • Doctoral: 2 additional years beyond a Masters degree


Diplomas & Degrees

Both diplomas and degrees can earn you a job, which is the overall result of your studies. After graduating with your certificate we will gladly create a graduation or diploma cover that suits your needs.


Whether you choose to pursue a diploma or degree all depends on your career goals. Either way Foster Gordon can provide you with exceptional graduation covers to nicely wrap your accomplishments. If you recently graduated college check out our post on tips for getting hired after college.