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Graduation group

Graduating With Your Diploma? Now What?

Whether you are about to graduate high school or have received a diploma in the past, there may come a time where you are on the hunt for colleges and universities. While most people are consumed with questions such as… Will I get accepted? …it is important to know that your college or university needs be accepted by YOU.

Want to compare colleges? What to learn what their alumni have gone on to accomplish? Want the stats on student body or faculty? Here is a great reference to answer all your questions when choosing a college after you have graduated and are looking to plan for the future.


LinkedIn YOUniversity

While LinkedIn is famous for being career oriented, they have bridged the gap between high school and finding a job with it’s new university pages. It’s here that people can find all sorts of information about what to expect from a college or university.

As students start to prepare for graduation and receiving their diploma, they find themselves in a very stressful and busy time. LinkedIn University pages helps to easily see the information on schools people are planning to attend.


What Happens After Graduation?

Arizona State University LinkedIn Profile

Want to know what the alumni of a college do after graduation? LinkedIn university profiles have the stats of what their graduates have gone on to do after receiving their diplomas.

Choosing a school to attend is important. It is as equally important to understand that you will be graduating from that school at some point and will need to move on from there. Seeing what others have gone on to do may help you to know that you are looking into the right school.


What Is The Student/Faculty Body Like?

UC Berkeley LinkedIn University Page

Prefer a large student body? Or do you want more face-time with the professor? What’s the male to female ratio? How many students are admitted and how many graduate?

These are all valid questions to consider when you plan to be at a school for four years. When you go to college, you will become immersed in the life there so it is important to know what your day to day will be like.


What Do The Alumni’s Have To Say?

Penn State University Recommendations - LinkedIn University Pages

There’s no better way to hear about a school than from people who actually went there! On the LinkedIn University Pages you can read recommendations and even ask questions of the people posting them. This is a great resource to look into when you are choosing a college as you are preparing for graduation



Protect Your Diploma

Foster-Gordon Mfg. Corp. has been dedicated to helping graduates and schools across the nation to preserve their long-standing traditions. A diploma is an important piece of paper that no one can take away from you. It is important to protect that piece of paper with a quality diploma cover.