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College Diploma Cover

Custom Diploma Cover Options


Graduation day is a monumental experience for students, parents, and educators. It is a time when we celebrate everyone’s hard work and achievements. A well-earned diploma deserves a custom diploma cover. This piece of paper is an important document that a person will need their entire life and should be presented and stored with care and quality.

Custom Diploma Covers

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Whether it is high school graduation or college graduation, diploma covers are an essential part of the graduation ceremony. Schools do their best to make the graduation ceremony a memorable and special event. Your school’s custom diploma cover will complete the event.

Here we will outline of the process for choosing and customizing your diploma covers.


Custom Diploma Cover Options from Foster-Gordon


1. Diploma Layout

Diploma covers come in 3 orientations: top fold, panoramic, and book style. The top-fold/tent-like is the most popular and usually standard among schools. Depending on what your high school, college or university is accustomed to, we can apply any of these orientations with either a smooth or grained material.


Diploma Cover Colors

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2. Folder Colors

With many color options, Foster-Gordon is able to accommodate any school or university colors. We are dedicated to preserving your school’s image and tradition with our customizable diploma covers.


3. Inside Options

In side the diploma holder is a place that is just as important as the outside. We offer various options for lining, silk pattern and color, and ribbon quantity and color.


4. Imprinting and Etchings

Custom text and logos will be what sets your school apart. We can also imprint the graduate’s name, the date of the graduation, and the school name. We can use whatever font or colors that are standard to your school or university. Your school’s logo can be foil-stamped into each diploma cover to create maximum appeal and personalization. You can also add a personal touch with custom etches on the silk inserts on the inside of each diploma.

School Logo Printed on Diploma Cover

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This is only an overview of the customization process. We at Foster-Gordon are dedicated to making your graduation event memorable. Contact us for more information about options of design and style for your diploma covers.



Graduation Accessories: School Autograph Books

Many clients of ours choose to also create custom autograph books as an added graduation accessory. We can match the autograph books cover design with the design of the diploma folder. We stamp your logo/seal, lettering or choose a blank autograph book cover. This graduation accessory is a great addition to complete your event with full customization. Our autograph books are available with or without zipper closure.

Preserve a long standing tradition of your school with an autograph book!