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Religious Covers: Where & How to Buy Online

At Foster-Gordon, a Custom Manufacturing Company of Long Island, New York, we create Religious Covers to protect, honor and display your achievements. Our Religious Covers are available in multiple colors, sizes and designs. Each cover is made from high quality materials and can be tailored to fit your individual preference.


Why Buy Religious Covers?

For many religions there are ceremonies and events, where growing in your faith is celebrated. Foster Gordon helps to create custom religious covers to celebrate every step of your journey. All of our covers are customizable to honor your faith and look nice. We work with each client to make sure the certificate fits in the cover perfectly and is customized to fit your needs.


Where to Buy Religious Covers?

Ordering religious covers from Foster Gordon is quite simple. You can fill out an order from: here. After filling out the order form you can send us the information via email or fax.



Options & Shipping


Diploma Cover Colors
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All of our Religious Covers are available in a wide array of colors including black, white, maroon, green, blue, purple and red. All covers are custom made with special options available. After you select the color you can choose the amount of ribbons and foil color. We can work with you to create a custom design that will honor your achievements and display your religious values. We also offer specialized acetate sheet protectors to safeguard the certificates. If you’d like specific materials etched into your custom religious cover, you can send in art work for us to create.



What are you Celebrating?

We create custom covers for all faiths and religious practices. We can create certificate covers for your first baptism, communion or confirmation. Perhaps you have these certificates lying around uncovered? No problem give us a call and we can create custom covers to properly honor any religious achievements. We also create covers for Bar/Bat Mitzvah’s, Mass Cards, Ministry Acknowledgements, Marriage Certificates and much more.


Need More Information?

Contact us here with any questions or concerns regarding our religious covers.